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    Are you willing to pay for MaraDNS?

    There are a number of bugs which I have closed as “WONTFIX” or “UNSUPPORTED” in the GitHub bug database: #8 #12 #26 #27 #28 #31 #47 #54 #83

    Of these bugs, I may decide to change my mind and address these wishlist items some day. However, people who want to see these feature requests implemented can also put some money on the table. Simply go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-trenholme/ and send me a private LinkedIn message that you’re willing to pay me to implement MaraDNS features, and we can discuss rates.

    Of course, not every feature request is being ignored, especially in this pandemic with me being furloughed. I implemented this year both support for large block lists and a native Windows compile of a MicroDNS-like program (with Lua support because, well, Lua is a nice word to have on my resume). So I might even implement a feature request without getting paid if it’s something I would find useful myself or can use to significantly improve my resume.

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